5 Fine Art Prints + drawing by Alex Alice - TIMED EDITION -

Alex Alice

ALEX ALICE | The complete first Series | 5 x Fine Art Prints + a drawing by Alex Alice


Available from November 16 (6pm CET) > November 19 (11.59 pm CET) - 4 days

Purchase the complete first series of 5 fine art prints by Alex Alice

Each print is signed & get matching numbers.

from Castle in the Stars


The prints from Series 1:

EXCELSIOR (60 x 80 cm / 150 copies)

This print « Excelsior » will include a unique drawing by Alex Alice (in the margin).

ILE HAUTE (50 x 70 cm / 100 copies)

LE PALAIS DE L'ÉTHER (50 x 65 cm / 100 copies)

NEUSCHWANSTEIN (50 x 65 cm / 100 copies)

CHOCOLAT (50 x 65 cm / 100 copies)

  • Giclée on smooth fine art paper 250g/m2
  • Limited Editions
  • Signed & numbered by Alex Alice (with matching numbers)
  • Authentic stamp
  • Embossing seal of the series

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Le Château des Etoiles - Alex Alice
Alex Alice

Alex Alice is a French graphic novel writer and artist, who works in France and sometimes the U.S.

Born in 1974, he had the chance to travel around Europe, where he developed a life-long passion for ruins and castles of the medieval and romantic ages. This inspires his artwork, from the grim medieval setting of the esoteric thriller “The Third Testament” (1997-2003, co-written with Xavier Dorison) to the primeval, mythical world of “Siegfried” (2007-2011), an operatic re-telling of the Norse saga about the great dragon-slayer.

His interests range from animation to painting and illustration (he has received two Spectrum Fantastic Art awards for his covers), and extends to fine art and sculpture. His work has been translated into 19 languages.


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