It's Only Rock'N Roll

its only rock n roll expo
French Paper Gallery | 16.11.2023 > 13.11.2024
Rock Photography Exhibition with :
Alex Mitram, Vanessa Girth & Nidhal Marzouk.

Rock photography is the art of capturing the energy, emotion, and visual essence of rock music through the lens of a camera. It transcends mere visual documentation to become a form of artistic expression that freezes iconic moments, electrifying performances, and the artists who define the world of rock.

Rock photography captures the raw power of music and the unique atmosphere of a concert, providing a striking visual insight into this dynamic and influential artistic universe.

We invite you to experience a concert through the lenses of Alex Mitram, Vanessa Girth, and Nidhal Marzouk.

3 photographers * 75 photos * 40 years of Rock
It's only rock n'roll expo